Virtual 45

by Pilesar

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Virtual 45 was recorded by a group of elderly moonshiners in an decrepit old Louisiana outhouse many decades ago. Failing to garner them the million dollar record contract that Mr. Homer T. Hilton from the lumber yard promised them, it was promptly buried in a pile of dirty socks, leaves and mud behind an abandoned Piggly Wiggly.

It was thought lost forever until one day an old farmhand named Buddy Montana found it lodged in the throat of a dead and bloated coonhound. He took it home, washed it off and spent his entire life savings ($4.89) to have it lovingly restored to its original condition (which wasn't all that great to begin with). With a rickety old Amiga 2000 and the world's slowest cable modem, Buddy finally uploaded it to the interwebs for all to enjoy for free.

Lucky you.


released December 12, 2012

For this album, Pilesar is:

Jackson A Cornhauler- vocals, percussion, keyboards, etc
Logan Rainard- bass, additional vocals (tracks 1-3)
Nikc Miller- guitars, additional vocals (tracks 1-3), trumpet (track 3)
Martin Thomas- harmonica (track 2)
Madam Volga- additional vocals (track 4)

Cover art by Bobby Jack Birmingham
Mastered by Jerry Lee West at Green Room Studios



all rights reserved


Pilesar Washington, D.C.

Pilesar (pronounced pie-LEE-zur) was the main musical outlet for Jason A Mullinax between the years 1998- 2014.

Pilesar was a conjuror of idiosyncratic lo-fi pop ditties, rhythmically dense improvisations and wildly eclectic live performances.

The albums represented here are an archive of his best material throughout the years.
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Track Name: Ballad of the Possum Eatin' Monster
Gather 'round chillin'
I's gonna tell you a story
Dis a story my grandaddy told me
Back when I was a boy...

Dere's a possum eatin' monster dat live in da woods
He like to eat da possum say it make him feel good
He moma no love 'im and he dad never dere
You know he lie when he say he no care

Well, he smell like shit and he look like a bum
Possum eatin' monster just want someone to love

That's right, he just want someone to love...

Possum eatin' monster live all alone
He got a hole in the ground dat he call home
He cry when he sleep and he sleep all da time
But eatin' dat possum sure do make he feel fine
(if only for a lil' bit)

He look like shit and he smell like a bum
Possum eatin' monster don't know where he from
He moma no love 'im and he dad go away
Why people gotta treat each other dat way?

I just don't understand it
Sho don't...

The possum eatin' monster took his own life
He finally had enough so he fell on his knife
Raccoon find da body and he tell all his friends
Da possum eatin' tyranny has come to an end

He smell like shit and he rot like a log
He live like a troll and he die like a dog
But being a monster just in his blood
But all he wanted was someone to love

We all want someone to love chillin'
Don't you forget that....
Track Name: Hurricane
Making love to you is like fucking a hurricane
It takes next to nothing to turn you on
And you should see people's faces when I try to explain
How it is I got all these broken bones
Track Name: How Can I Stay Mad at You?
How can I stay mad at you?
It's just not something that I can do
How can I stay mad at you?
When you are just so freaking cute?

Whenever I want to punch you in face
You put me right back into my place
Whenever I want to break both of your arms
You subdue me with your charms
Whenever I want to run away
You somehow convince me to stay
There's something about you that's quite extraordinary
Supra ordinary

How can I stay mad at you?
It's just not something that I can do
How can I stay mad at you?
When you are just so freaking cute?

Whenever I want to rip off your head
And shit right down your throat
Whenever I want to tie you to a rock
And push you headlong into a moat
Whenever I reach that crucial point
When I think I'm gonna break
There's something about you that takes that all away
What can I say?
Track Name: Pop Princess
Pop princess
Lip syncher
Heart breaker
What does this mean?

To see you in a magazine?

And there she was
Looking back at me....

Pop princess
Lip syncher
Heart breaker
What does it mean?

To see you in a magazine?
I saw you naked
To see you in a magazine?
See through panties
To see you in a magazine?
Face full of make up
To see you in a magazine?
How can this be?
Track Name: It's Your Turn to Do the Dishes (bonus)